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Freight forwarding is the basis of the activity of LLC "KRAMBOL PLUS". We forward both single consignments of cargo, and constant freight flows.


We work with any types of cargo, but complex operations with general, design, heavy, oversized cargo are our "horse".


Our company can offer you a comprehensive approach to the solution of the set tasks for the delivery of cargo, providing not only work in the port and escort, but also the freight of ships, the delivery of goods by rail, road transport.


The priority of our company's work is the work with packaged-piece cargo in direct and mixed communication (sea freight, transshipment, shipment to vehicles and wagons (gondolas, covered, minvans, containers) .In 2012 our company processed more than 100,000 tons of such cargo.


Our company has ample opportunities for storing packaged-piece cargo in open areas and covered warehouses in the ports of Azov and Rostov.


In a separate line I would like to highlight the long-term work with the Turkish company Etimaden on the transportation and storage of a covered cargo of borax and boric acid, which formed the backbone of the cargo we handle.


Also we carry out a complex transportation of soda, soda bicarbonate and feldspar in big bags and on pallets from the port of Derince to the final consumption points throughout Russia.


Since 2012 together with the Israeli company Novomar we carry out carnolite transportation in big bags with further shipment to mineral wagons to Kazakhstan for "Kamenogorsk Titanomagnesium Combine".


In addition, we eliminate the transshipment of bulk cargoes on board and through an open area, we organize a pause of vessels in the ports of Rostov / Azov.

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