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Freight forwarding and freight for "South Stream"

LLC "Crambol Plus" is a forwarder of JSC "Vyksa Metallurgical Plant", carries out forwarding services of a pipe diameter of 813 mm for the underwater part of the "South Stream" through the ports of Azov, Rostov-on-Don, Ust-Donetsk.

The company has been certified by South Stream and performs the organization of a full range of services: receiving pipes from wagons, storing in a port, loading on a ship, fastening, certification, freight of ships to the ports of Bulgaria.

The first ship, which arrived in Bulgaria with the cargo of pipes for the ground part of this pipeline, was loaded in Rostov-on-Don by our company.

Work with cargo for South Stream is not an easy task, and therefore requires a special approach and careful consideration. Laying of pipes in the holds of ships occurs using special packing and separation materials under the supervision of international observers. Motor ships, as well as pipes are subject to special certification.

For the first month, "Crambol Plus" processed about 15 thousand tons of pipes.