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The installation of summer facilities for navigation equipment was completed

In the seaport of Rostov-on-Don, on March 5, 2017, the installation of summer navigation aids (SNO) equipment was completed.

The work on the translation of the scheme of placing the SSS into the regime of summer navigation began on March 1 of this year. Favorable weather conditions: the occurrence of positive temperatures and early cleansing from the ice of the river section of the navigable path made it possible to begin preparations for the summer navigation of 2017 2 weeks earlier than in previous years.

At the same time, the summer navigation situation in the seaports of Azov and Taganrog continues. Completion of the work on the transfer of SSS to the summer navigation regime is planned for March 10, 2017.

Two FSUE "Rosmorport" vessels are involved in the installation of summer floating warning signs in the Azov Sea: the new "Yuriy Romanchenko" steamship ship and the MZ-303 anchor carrier.

For the summer navigation period of 2017, navigation equipment is being prepared in 37 sea ports and terminals of the Russian Federation. Completion of the translation of the navigation situation to the summer scheme will depend on the ice situation and the projected timeframe for the destruction of the ice cover.